MIC students share opinions about NC: Part 3 Lawrence North


Senior Paris Mclendon from Lawrence North.

Grace Mcmillian, Reporter

The Metropolitan Interscholastic Conference (MIC) is one of the biggest, most competitive conferences in the state and has even been nationally recognized as a superior secondary athletic conference. The MIC consists of eight schools; Ben Davis, Carmel, Center Grove, Lawrence Central, Lawrence North, North Central, Pike and Warren Central. Each of the schools have different relationships and rivalries for different competitions.The NCHSLive! Team looked to get a deeper understanding and insight of what the MIC schools think of each other.

Many students from Lawrence North High School view North Central in a positive light. Senior Paris McClendon and junior Breanna Galloway take part in differentiating North Central from Lawrence North. 

“I would describe NC as competitive because they always give the best teams a fight in athletics,” McClendon said, noticing all of the championship extracurricular activities held at North Central.

Galloway and McClendon have both experienced North Central in separate student cultural groups that stood out to them.

“Something that stood out to me was all the art and posters on the walls with different themes and messages that everyone can relate to,” Galloway said. 

“During my experience on NC’s campus, I’ve noticed you guys have a lot of extracurricular activities available to students,” McClendon said. 

Both students also have their own thoughts on what North Central is most  known for. “Since I’ve been at LN, I’ve known NC for their football program,” McClendon said. “I’ve never known any of NC’s sports to be infamously bad.” 

However Galloway thinks North Central is known for being “diverse because there are many different cultures and ethnicities that attend NC.”

Galloway attended North Central her freshman year, but she would rather not return back to North Central. “I would go to Warren if I could go to another MIC school because they are always hype, excited and have good energy,” Galloway said.

“I would describe all the MIC schools as growing,” Galloway said.  If McClendon were to use one word to describe the MIC schools, she would use “determined.”

Junior Breanna Galloway.