Teacher Leo Hodes predicts girls basketball season

Teacher Leo Hodes predicts girls basketball season

Mia Behringer, Assistant Editor

How do you think girl’s basketball will do this season? How far do you think they will go in their season? (county, sectionals, regionals, semi-state, state)

I feel like they have the pieces to go deep into the tournament and even win it all.

Do you think the team will be better than last year? What/who is their biggest advantage for this season? Biggest downfall?

Overall they are a better team. They return many with more experience, the return of Ramiyah, and their fitness level looks improved.

Who do you think the team’s biggest competitor is? Why?

LN because they are defending state champs.

Who is your favorite player to watch? Why? 

Meg is my favorite player because of our personal student-teacher relationship.

Any message you want to give to the players? 

Make easy passes and take good shots. Stay solid on defense.