Staff members debate best presidential option

Max Grueninger, Mia Behringer, Reporter


Donald J. Trump needs to be re-elected in the year of 2020. Opposing Democratic candidate Joe Biden is not fit for the position in any way, especially in comparison to Trump.


One of the biggest issues that both candidates are addressing in their agenda is the fight with COVID-19. Donald Trump’s administration is pushing to finalize a vaccine at this moment and hopes for it to be official by the end of 2020, and by 2021 America will be on its way to return to normal. 


Joe Biden is not thinking this way. He will shut down America once again, not giving children the chance to go to school, or be together for the Holidays, and most importantly he will tear down the United States economy that Trump has worked to build pre-COVID, and after the first shut down. 


Trump’s goal is to protect all Americans at all costs. His mindset is not hatred for people outside our country but rather protecting what is on the inside. 


At the beginning of his first term rumors went around saying he will start WWIII, while in reality all he has done has brought peace and alliances within multiple countries. He is bringing our troops home. 


Trump has been and will continue to stop the endless wars and bring troops home back to their families that have been stationed in dangerous countries. Biden on the other hand will leave troops there and continue to get Americans killed, leaving them stranded to die, like he has done before. 


He will maintain the strongest military in the world and wipe out any global terrorists who threaten to harm Americans. Trump is planning to end our reliance on China and help bring the manufacturing back to America. 


He plans to bring 1 million manufacturing jobs to America as well as allow 100% expensing deductions for essential companies (pharmaceuticals, robotics, etc) to bring back their manufacturing to America. We will stop relying on other countries like China as our manufacturers. 


Trump also will protect our Second Amendment right to bear arms. Biden would push for new gun control laws that ban the sale of assault rifles and other types of guns, which is unconstitutional. 


There is much more to be said about both candidates in the running for the President. Like what Jorge Masvidal said, you do not fire a coach who has been winning Super Bowls when he has only been in the business for four years and replace him with someone who has been in the business for 47 years and done nothing. 


It does not matter what plays he calls or what jokes he posts on Twitter because in the end when you look at the facts and the outcome, Trump is making America great again.

– Max Grueninger



As we near Election Day, Trump and Biden’s campaigns are coming to an end. For many, another four years of a Trump presidency could be extremely detrimental.

 If Trump is given the chance to serve a second term, it will increase the possibilities of countless more preventable COVID-19 deaths, even more rights being stripped from US citizens, and a worsening of the current economic state, which he is already responsible for.

Trump is an embarrassment to our country and a disgrace of a president. The current president’s horrible history of racism, sexual assault, and failure in his first term should be enough for any voter to look to Biden for leadership.  

Trump has implemented xenophobic policies, failed to protect the LGBTQ+ community’s rights and is unable to recognize systematic racism or even denounce white supremacy in our country. The outrageous levels of immaturity and negligence have made the United States worse than it was before he took office. He is not fit to hold office and is a danger to the country.

Anyone who votes for him can be seen as a person who does not care about women, people of color, the LGBTQ+ community, and many others. A vote for Trump is not only ignorant, but selfish. To ignore your fellow citizen’s outcry against the injustices they have suffered from Trump is more than appalling.

If you are able to vote, don’t risk voting for a third party or even thinking it’s funny to write in Kanye because that will do just as much harm as voting for Trump. There are tons of reasons as to why you should settle for Biden. 

Biden is Pro-choice and believes women should have control over their own bodies. Biden would also like to make healthcare, a basic human right, more affordable and accessible. He does not want to separate children from their parents at the border for no reason other than their legal status. He wants to end family separation and create a better immigration policy.

Biden is for protecting LGBTQ+ rights and vows to finally pass the Equality Act. He also recognizes that we have a serious problem with systemic racism in our county. 

This simple and very true idea is one that President Trump refuses to acknowledge.  He instead chooses to fan the flames of hatred.

Biden will also impose more taxes on the country’s wealthiest citizens so that they can pay their fair share. He supports the idea of raising the minimum wage so that people are paid living wages and can support their families.

Most importantly though, Biden is mature and experienced. He can conduct himself professionally in interviews and debates and does not lie at such an outrageous rate like his competitor does. 

Though Biden can often trip over his words, it is because he has admitted to a life-long stuttering problem that he’s had. Though some people can see this as a downfall, it’s really what makes Biden look all more dedicated to his profession. Despite his previous hardships with his speech impediment, Biden has not held back from fighting for what is right. 

Although I am not old enough to vote, I am still educated enough to know what right and wrong is. More than 25 sexual assault allegations is wrong. Telling women what they can and can not do with their bodies is wrong. Calling protesters, who are fighting for equality, “thugs” is wrong. Refusing to wear a mask, attending rallies in the middle of a pandemic, and denying science is wrong. Trump is wrong. 

– Mia Behringer