Veteran teacher passes away


Will Kaiser

North Central lost a member of its faculty on Sunday with the passing of Joseph (Yosef) Cohen. Cohen taught Hebrew for over 30 years, and was a very popular and well-loved member of the school. 

“The end of an era. He taught me Hebrew from 3rd Grade through my senior year of high school. He always made learning so much fun,” said Caryl Berman Auslander, class of 1996. He continued to teach students while battling cancer.

 Not only did he impact past students, but many students currently in the building as well.

“He was a great teacher, he was the chillest teacher,” said Keyshaun Pipkin, a junior this year. “ I had a great relationship with him,” Pipkin said. 

The world language department has lost one of its most experienced and brightest members.