Sophomore runs blossoming Instagram fitness page


Connor Thompson

On any given day one can walk into the weight room and see tons of students working toward their personal fitness goals. Yet not all students use the school facilities.

Sophomore Eli Bernstein pursues his fitness goals outside of school. Bernstein works out at the Jewish Community Center and runs an Instagram fitness page for his 2,400 followers.

“I want to inspire people, educate people and help people improve themselves,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein posts videos of workouts, bodybuilding, weight gain tips and images of his progress. Bernstein’s personal goal is to build muscle mass and shape his body to his preference. 

“My goal is aesthetics as well as being functionally fit and strong,” Bernstein said. 

Bernstein started working out school, but realized he would rather lift outside of school. He then started working out at the JCC and loved it. 

Bernstein keeps his followers updated with his weight gain and bodybuilding progress. He also provides numerous new workouts for followers to replicate in their own routine. Bernstein uses videos to demonstrate proper technique.

Getting the most out of workouts is also important to Bernstein. When he is not creating content, he is focused on improving himself through workouts.

“I plan them out beforehand, I have a routine and I don’t look at my phone for the entire workout,” Bernstein said.

Bernstein began consistently working out roughly a year and a half ago. Through lifting Bernstein has seen large muscle and weight gains. Despite this success, Bernstein said it is not likely that he will pursue lifting as a profession. 

“I might be a personal trainer but I’m mostly planning on using my page as a side job,” Bernstein said.