Opinion: Having a job in high school


Is having a job in high school a good idea? I think it can be and it can’t be. 

If you are taking multiple AP classes, then it may not be a good idea. Because of all the time and effort that AP classes require, you may not be able to put forth your full effort into both your classwork and your job. It could severely hurt both your grades and your work performance.

It may also be a bad decision to have a job in high school if you participate in multiple sports and clubs. You may not have enough time to work if you are constantly required to attend practices, games and club meetings. Too many commitments presents the risk of stretching yourself too thin, possibly causing all the commitments to suffer as a result. 

But if you limit the amount of AP classes, sports and clubs you commit to, then getting a job could be a good idea. Not only would you learn valuable skills that a classroom setting cannot teach, you would also have extra money to save for college or pay for necessities. A job also fosters the creation of connections and communities outside of school.

If your high school schedule allows for it, then it would be a great idea to have a job and take advantage of the benefits it provides. But if you already have a busy schedule, then having a job would most likely bring unnecessary difficulties and strain your previous commitments.