Opinion: Off-campus lunch


Camron Tyler-Brown

I believe that students should be allowed to enjoy off-campus lunch.  However, I do not believe it should be a privilege that every student should have. The off-campus lunch privilege should only be allowed for juniors and seniors who meet set expectations laid out by administration. 

These expectations should include meeting a certain grade requirement, along with an acceptable attendance record. This will ensure that students who deserve the privilege will use it for its sole purpose and not take advantage and skip class.

Having off-campus lunch will allow students who do not like the school-offered food options to get food they like. Also, those who have dietary restrictions will be able to have more choices that suit their needs.

Additionally, the school could possibly partner with Nora restaurants to give a share of the revenue to the school from students going to their restaurants in exchange for more business during lunchtime. This would assist in making up the revenue lost by students purchasing school lunch.

The change will help students manage their time more efficiently when lunch breaks are offered during their future careers as well.