Quinn’s How To: Succeeding in school

Quinns How To: Succeeding in school

Quinn Moore

Three useful tips to help any student excel in school

Tip 1: Turn in your homework on time.

  • Homework is typical daily activity for every high schooler. There really is no excuse to not get it done and turned in on time. Do not procrastinate and get it done. Homework is easy points that can boost grades.

Tip 2: Study for your tests and quizzes.

  • Tests are the most important part of a student’s grade. Dedicate a little time studying about three days before the test. Spread the studying out rather than trying to cram it all in the night before the exam. Do not wait until the last minute. Quizzes are also important. Students should not bypass studying for a quiz because it’s not a test. Some quizzes can be equally as hard as tests. Study, be prepared and do not just come into class and wing it.

Tip 3: Take advantage of resources.

  • Some students do not take advantage of the people around them. If a student is struggling in a class, they should take time out of their day to go to their teacher’s support hours. Sometimes students do not understand that teachers want their students to come in for help. Teachers do not become teachers because they enjoy school. They become a teacher to help students do their best. If a student is struggling in their class the teacher wants them to come in and get some help. Coming to support hours can boost grades, build a positive relationship with teachers and it proves to the teacher that the student cares about their grade. Teachers will also be more willing to give a student extra credit at the end of the term if the student comes to get help. Additionally, take advantage of the learning center. The learning center provides a number of tutors specializing in nearly every subject offered at school, so there will almost always be someone there to help a student succeed in their classes.