Listening to music in class


Camron Tyler-Brown

One of the biggest debates between students and teachers is if listening to music actually benefits students when completing schoolwork. I believe music is beneficial in school.

Music helps students stay awake during class and gives them more energy to use in class and towards assignments. This will help them do better in class and maintain good grades. 

Some may say that is a distraction and not helpful for you. But for me and students like me, it is really helpful and actually helps us concentrate. 

When we’re listening to music in class we are less likely to talk to friends, making us more focused on our work. Talking with your friends distracts someone far more than listening to music.

Teachers argue that it distracts us but it actually helps us block out distractions and focus. It keeps our brains functioning while we’re working, making our work better which, in turn, helps result in better grades. So why shouldn’t students be allowed to listen to music in class?