Personal Project kicks off

Personal Project kicks off

Tyler Diercks

The MYP Personal Project for sophomores starts today. Students will begin by being introduced to the project and to their designated teacher adviser. They will start to decide which topic they will focus their project on, as well as which format they will use to present their project. Each time the sophomores meet with their advisers, on four different Thursdays throughout the school year, there will be an agenda of tasks they have to complete during the meeting time.

Students in previous years have had mixed opinions regarding the importance of the Personal Project. 

“It was a good idea but had too much unnecessary stuff we had to do. The creative portion was valuable though,” senior Max Simmel said.

Although students do not fully see the value, the Personal Project organizers argue there are multiple benefits to completing the project.

“The Personal Project can help with many things including getting into colleges. Last year a girl got into Stanford with the help of her Personal Project,” said Jocelyn Sisson, English teacher and member of the Personal Project committee.

There are a multitude of consequences if students fail to complete the project. Students cannot be in any leadership position, participate in student or class council and cannot get senior honor code. Starting this year, another consequence will be added.

“This year if a student does not do the Personal Project they will not be able to apply for and late start or early release privileges. This consequence has been added to encourage more students to participate in the Personal Project,” Sisson said.