Junior rapper performs at sold out venue


Last Friday junior Ethan Solomon, along with 10 other artists, performed at Citadel Music Hall in Indianapolis in front of 250 attendees. Solomon began making music during his sophomore year and has been working with graduate Zac Mohr and his brother Benny Solomon ever since. 

“I was first inspired to start because of my brother Benny, who encouraged me to make music,” Solomon said. 

The process to create his music involves creating a beat, coming up with the lyrics, recording and mixing it all together. 

“I use Logic Pro for fine tuning and putting beats and vocals together,” Solomon said. Solomon believes being able to simply understand the rhythm of the music is a vital aspect to the production of a song.

“An important part of making a song is being relaxed enough to just flow with the beats we make,” Solomon said.

Solomon puts a lot of time into producing music. Solomon hopes that with all his hard work he eventually rise in the industry and become an icon in music. 

“Ultimately my goal is to be famous,” Solomon said. 

-Garrett Mahaffey, Coco Bloomer and Scott Hoeg