Girls volleyball season preview


After losing three key seniors, the girls volleyball team is going into a new and stressful season. However, Coach Wong Boodrasang believes that this year there is more balance and talent spread across the court.

Boodrasang stated that one of the current weaknesses of the team is their struggle with defense and valuing contact on the ball. However, Boodrasang is optimistic.

“This season we are young, and I am excited to see how they will grow,” Boodrasang said.

This will be Coach Boodrasang’s second year coaching the women’s volleyball team, but he has tremendous experience. Boodrasang had been playing volleyball for 30 plus years and has been coaching various clubs around the world for around 20 years.

When asked what the team’s goal was for the season other than a state championship, Boodrasang had a specific answer.

“Our goal is to win at least 20 matches,” Boodrasang said.

After a stressful week of tryouts filled with lots of tough decisions, Boodrasang has chosen the varsity squad and is preparing them for their first scrimmage against Hamilton Southeastern today.