School year off to rocky start

School year off to rocky start

Charlie Peterson and Jack Branigan

As the 2019-2020 school year begins, frustration flows throughout the building. Some teachers were assigned the task of teaching six classes, while others are only required to teach five. Teachers were flustered, affecting their attitudes and energy when the first day rolled around. 

On the student side, controversy arrived as numerous seniors were rejected for senior honor code. When this year’s seniors were sophomores, punishments for not completing in the MYP Personal Project were never clearly defined, leading students to not participate in the project. 

This year, however, seniors attempting to receive senior honor code were denied due to their failure to complete the Personal Project, leaving many seniors frustrated and wanting to appeal the decision. 

Senior honor code was also denied to a number of seniors who did complete the project, but due to a disconnect between the students’ teacher advisors and administration, the students were still rejected.

Additionally, many students are up in arms regarding this year’s changes to parking. Due to the school’s move to one wave busing as opposed to the previous two wave setup, several parking spaces normally assigned to senior honor code were removed and assigned to buses. 

As a result, the general student parking lot was changed. A number of parking spaces previously parked in by non-senior honor code students are now assigned to senior honor code. This leaves a lower number of normal student parking spaces, leaving late-arriving students with nowhere to park.

Lastly, a few study halls are now held in the cafeteria. Many students are upset, feeling that the classes are too large and do not provide an adequate place to study.