Restaurant Review: Red Robin


Ian McCormick

Though their commercials are not appearing every 30 seconds anymore, their catchphrase is  burned onto the inside of your brain.

Red Robin is in an interesting restaurant. You walk in and it seems like a sit-down restaurant, but once you take a look at the menu, you become confused.

You sit down at an actual table and have waiters, and the food comes out on plates, but it is impossible to shake the aura of a fast food restaurant that serves alcohol.

The food, though, is very un-fast food like. They have salads that seem to be genuinely healthy and one of the side dishes is broccoli.

Speaking of salads, the first dish to be reviewed is the Avo-Cobb-o salad. This salad, as the name implies, is like a standard cobb salad, but with avocado added on.

For those who are unaware, a cobb salad, usually, is a salad comprised of lots of green leaves, diced, boiled egg, bacon, bleu cheese, tomato, grilled chicken and dressing. This one includes avocado.

The dish is only semi-healthy. Yes, the abundance of green leaves, tomatoes grilled chicken and egg make it appear as though there is some healthy value to this dish, but the bacon and bleu cheese heightens the number of calories and evens out the unhealthy and healthy effects.

But onto the dish. The Avo-cobb-o salad was pretty good. I usually enjoy cobb salads, and I enjoyed this one more. All the ingredients mixed well together. I am a sucker for bleu cheese, so adding bleu cheese dressing was a given.

The chicken was grilled and cooked perfectly. The avocado was perfectly ripe and it tasted amazing. The bacon and egg went well together. The salad as a whole was well put together. But as is the problem with most cobb salads, there was too much green.

I am not saying that, because I want as little green as possible. It is just that most cobb salads have so many green leaves that they become gross and over the top. This salad has that same problem.

The second dish to be reviewed is a weird one.

Most people, completely naturally, would assume that when you order a burger, you expect there to be bread buns on either side of the middle parts. The “wedgie burger’ of Red Robin, however, has lettuce for buns.

This kind of bun is usually used to remove carbohydrates, commonly found in bread, from the burger. Served with guacamole, bacon, tomato and red onion in between the “buns,” this burger is probably the healthiest of the menu. The guacamole is made in house, and it is very fresh because of it. The bacon, tomato and red onions go well with the guacamole to provide some crunch to the softness of the guacamole. 8/10