Five Things To Know For Prom


Five Ways Juniors Can Prepare for Prom

With prom coming up on April 13, juniors are in a rush to find a nice outfit to wear and someone to go with in less than a month. So, here are five simple ways any junior can prepare for prom:

  1. Ask someone out to prom way in advance, and if rejected, just keep doing it.
  2. Get a nice suit/or prom dress, as early as you can. Don’t wait until the last week to do it, or else you’ll stress out.
  3. Make sure to smell clean. No one likes to smell people who smell like they haven’t showered in more than a day, so make sure you smell good on the night of the prom.
  4. Ask multiple friends to prom, if asking someone out doesn’t work.
  5. Don’t stress about anything. Do it early, but just sit back, and try and have fun with it all.

-Zach Aigbe.