Show Choir Advances to the State Competition After “The Classic”


Lawrence Central High School held “The Classic” show choir competition this past Saturday March 9. Kings Court, Accents, Varsity Singers, Descants and Counterpoints all performed this weekend.

The all girls intermediate Accents choir, whose set is centered around self love and being yourself, placed 5th overall in the competition.

The all boys Varsity Singers choir won the “People’s Choice” award, where audience members vote on their favorite set. The set is centered around mad scientists and involves a dinosaur costume.

The advanced all girls choir, Descants placed second overall at the competition. Their set of pirates and adventures has won them best choreography at Ben Davis Giant Spectacular and Plainfield Quaker Classic, which they placed first overall.

The Counterpoints, the mixed advanced choir, were awarded best visuals and placed second overall. At the Plainfield Quaker Classic they received best choreography and won overall.

The Descants and Counterpoints will perform in the state competition March 16 at NC.

-Lela Boys-Sibley