Self Taught Musician Prepares for an Album


Junior Carolyn Nevins is a self-taught musician who has been writing songs for as long as she can remember. When she is not being a hardworking and motivated student, Nevins is always working on writing songs.

“I love writing music, at this point it has become a sort of therapy, a way of expressing my emotions,” Nevins said.

She has been working on getting her music published and recorded professionally for the past three years and has already released her first single “What Defines You.”

Her father has been her greatest inspiration for writing her music. As a musician himself, his influences lead to her love of music. He even does the instrumentals on many of her songs.

“He was probably the reason I started to write music, and does everything he can to help me pursue my passion,” Nevins said.

As a writer she draws from many aspects of her life in her writing, mostly from the emotions of herself and the people around her. She talks about school as being one of her biggest influences as a writer.

“There are so many stories I see here, people fighting through problems and the confusion that is growing up,” Nevins said, “It’s all very personal and I can’t help but write about it.”

Her first official album will be coming out within the next couple of months and it contains the best of the dozens of songs she’s written so far. It’s been in the works for a majority of her time as a student and she’s ecstatic to see it finally coming together.  

“You just gotta let it flow onto the paper, if you write from the heart you can’t go wrong,” Nevins said.

She continues to write about the world around her, and will continue to pursue her passion throughout the rest of her time at school. She pushes other students to do the same as believes life can be a little easier with a melody.

-Max Moreno