Students Effected by Venezuelan Crisis


Recently Venezuela has been going through a huge government collapse which is leaving many people without food or shelter and causing riots on the streets. Nicolas Maduro took office on April 19, 2013 following the death of Hugo Chavez.

Communism was adopted fully from the friendship of Chavez and Cuban dictator Fidel Castro in the early 2000’s. The country was on a slow decline until the beginning of Maduro’s presidency when the economy dropped causing a huge economic crash.

At NC there are students who were either born in Venezuela or are from Venezuelan descent, which may mean that some have family still living in the country. This crisis not only affects the people in Venezuela but the families who try to send aid since there is a barrier on the border which bans all foreign medical aid. Junior Maria Valero had a few words to say about this crisis.

“It’s hard for them to find food, the basic food or supplies are very expensive and sometimes they can’t afford it, same with medical stuff,” Valero said.

From these actions come huge consequences which include: loss of trust from other nations, the exiling of people in a nation, and a fight between two nations. Many events have occured that have led to this huge crisis.

Countries like the U.S. and Colombia are trying to send aid to Venezuela with the little things like proper sanitation and big things like food, water and medical aid. Maduro and his communist ideals does not appreciate aid from other countries.

“People at Venezuela normally go to Colombia to get this kind of stuff, in my case we send money to my family that lives there, that way it is easier for them to afford food and other necessities,” Valero said.

The current crisis in Venezuela is a huge collapse that turned into a depression which is leaving people to starve and riot on the street.