Restaurant Review: Diavola


This is a first for these articles, at least I think it is.

Diavola pizzeria, located on East 54th St, near the Monon trail, is owned by the family of a NC student.

The restaurant itself is relatively new, as it has only been open for a few years, but the new ownership has kept the restaurant just as it was.

The exterior, interior and menu have remained the same under the new ownership. The pizzas are just as good and the hell-like imagery inside the restaurant (Diavola means devil) remains.

Speaking of the menu, food!

Because this is a pizzeria, to review anything other than pizza would be counter-productive, and wrong.

The first pizza to be reviewed is the Truffle Funghi pizza. Like the name suggests, there is some for of truffle on this pizza. This pizza has truffle oil, garlic, italian sausage and roasted mushroom.

The truffle oil makes the rest of the pizza slightly soggy, but overall, the truffle makes the pizza really delicious. The italian sausage is made perfectly and the mushrooms and garlic are made perfectly for the pizza.

The second pizza, the Genovese, is not advised for those with nut allergies, as this reporter does.

While the menu does not say explicitly that there are any kind of nuts in the pizza, there is pesto on this pizza, which can sometimes include nuts.

The only reason that it is known that there are nuts in the pizza is that this reporter’s lips got blisters when eating the pizza.

Other than that, the pizza was okay. The pesto, mozzarella, and chicken, were relatively flavorless. Mixed together, they provide some flavor, but very little.  7.5/10

– Ian McCormick