Prom Preview


This years prom will be held on Apr. 13, 2019 from 8-11 p.m. The location of prom is at the Old National Center in the Egyptian room. This year’s theme is Night at the Louvre.

Junior Class Council deals with fundraising. A lot of the money for prom has come from Junior Spectacular and will come from prom ticket sales. Special prom raffles and a proposal contest will be held also in order to promote the dance. Junior class council has some concerns with fundraising and advance payments, but are confident that they will be able to raise the amount of money needed for prom.

Prom tickets go on sale the week of prom for $50 per ticket and will be sold in the bookstore annex. This year‘s DJ is DJ prince. He was recently the DJ for the Grammys, Jennifer Aniston‘s 50th birthday, and the Teen Choice Awards. The food will be catered by Old National Center and there will be a new magic mirror to take photos. The Junior Class Council hopes for a turnout of 800 or more people at prom.

Opposed to last year‘s prom, the venue has changed but it will be still a great night for students. Like usual there will be a breathalyzers out the door. VIP seating, charatactures, and the ability to request a song will be available.

– Grace Glass