Students Take Advantage of Opportunities at Career Center


Junior Jack Mannon takes Auto Service Technology class at the J. Everett Light Career Center. The class consists of working on cars that need maintenance and repair. Led by Dana Wilcox, students who are in the class learn about the fundamentals of car mechanics. Mannon hopes to pursue a career in auto service as a car technician. The class has also helped Mannon outside of school when dealing with his own car problems.

Mannon’s car needed an oil change. Instead of taking it to a shop, Mannon changed the oil in his car at his house with what he learned from taking the Auto Service Technology class in JEL. He saved money and time with one of the many skills he learned in class.

Mannon has taken the class for two semesters because of his interests in cars.

“I decided to take the class because it seemed fun to learn new things about cars since I am interested in a career dealing with cars,” Mannon said.

Senior Dalyn Small takes Music and Sound Production class in JEL. In class, he makes music and beats while rapping and singing. He took the class because of his plans to become the next rap star.

Even though he has only taken the class since the first semester, he has learned how to create music and sounds for his own songs.

Small goes by the rapper name “Dsmalldagoat.” He is currently working on making songs for his album he wants to release. One of his latest song is called “The Ride,” and he is very excited to show people what the class has taught him.

Small is very passionate about making music. Outside of school he is always working on new beats and sounds he can use for his music.

“Once I get into my music mood, there is no stopping me. I can sing for an hour straight and drop a lot of new songs and beats,” Small said.

Junior Rosine Kakesa takes a Certified Nursing Assisting class in JEL since the beginning of the year with Jill Fitzpatrick.

She takes the class because she wants to work in the medical field when she is older and she feels that the class will prepare her. Since taking CNA, Kakesa has learned new medical terms and how to work with residents. She looks forward to getting certified as a nurse so she will be able to start working.

A typical class day for Kakesa includes studying and working through books to become a nursing assistant. The class also has clinicals in which they can practice with patients. Every Wednesday and Friday the class goes to nursing homes to work for the three hour class period.

Although Kakesa does not want to be a Nursing Assistant, she plans on working on becoming a pediatrician because she wants to help children.

“I would recommend anyone who wants to go into the medical field to take this class because it really does help you get started with your career and gives you the knowledge of many medical terms used. The class teaches you things like CPR and how to assist residents,” Kakesa said.

-Grace Glass