Spirit Week Comes to an End


Spirit week started the week of the Jan. 21 with a whole new batch of themes. Monday was ugly sweater day, the following day was beach themed, Wednesday’s was PJ day thursday was ‘80’s themed and Friday was school colors as usual.

Spirit Week is being done, according to junior Windsor Bonds of the Student Council, in order to raise moral and hype up upcoming events.

“Hype up students about events, Spec [Junior Spectacular], raise moral, school spirit and unity,”  Bonds said.

However the participation on spirit this week has been lacking in comparison to the first semesters spirit week. Some students such as Junior Ellie DeMit, an enthusiastic participant of spirit week in every year of her high school career, has not participated to her usual level.

“I didn’t really know about it, like at all, they really need to work on announcing that stuff better,” DeMit said, “The cold weather didn’t help though, I usually like to go all out with my costumes and the weather just makes it harder to do so.”

While spirit week may be a special occasion to some, other students such as senior Kasen Jackson do not really pay too much attention to it.

“It’s not really my thing,” Jackson said, “but if it’s easy like jersey day or something I try and throw something on.”

Some especially enthusiastic students have been keeping up with spirit week such as freshman Christian Barda who has been going the extra mile this spirit week. He claims that his passion comes from his love for his school.

“I mostly try extremely hard during spirit week just because I want to prove that NC is better than every other school,” Barda said.

As more people became aware of spirit week throughout the week, more people decided to participate. The student council was pleased by this, as well as the interactions on twitter.

“From what I’ve seen it’s going really well, a lot of people have been posting using the #ncwinterspirit19 and the student engagement is high,” Bonds said.

While student engagement increased as the week went on, the student council will look to be better about announcing things like this. But in the end, the high levels of student engagement is the goal and even though it had a rough start it seems this goal has been achieved in the end.

-Max Moreno