Junior Spectacular Off to a Great Start


Junior Spectacular is a great opportunity to bond with your class. The one act plays are written, directed and starred by juniors. As of right now, only four acts are selected to perform their whole 15 minute acts in January. I think more than four specs should be allowed to make it past “spec cuts”.

If more acts were allowed, like six, there could be more money made. The money profited goes to junior prom and paying for apparel. The more acts allowed would make for a more people coming to watch. More people participating would bring more friends and family and make an increased amount of ticket sale money.

If six acts were allowed to perform more students could participate in arguably, other than prom, the most fun activity of junior year. As of right now, if 40 students are in each, only 160 students out of almost 1000 get to experience being apart of a show and bonding with their cast.

The addition of two more specs would allow for 80 more students to get the chance to be involved this great experience their junior year.