Restaurant Review: 317 Burger


“It is usually not this dead,” is not a phrase that can be used very often. Things don’t tend to be kind of dead, only dead or alive.

But kind of dead is a perfect way of describing Broad Ripple last Saturday. And while Broad Ripple may have been kind of dead, 317 Burger was one of the few restaurants that was active.

317 Burger is a popular restaurant amongst those who visit Broad Ripple regularly. The restaurant, named after Indianapolis’ area code, has prime position in the middle of Broad Ripple.

The interior is all-wood and the clocks are all set comically set to 3:17. 317 Burger looks like it was designed to look like Indiana: nothing too special, some interesting features, inoffensive to all.

The burgers that are the flagship of the restaurant’s menu are also themed for Indiana, with the 317 Burger and The Speedway burger.

The Speedway burger was my favorite. With its mix of a quality beef burger that was cooked well, coleslaw, and barbeque sauce, the burger made for a flavor explosion. The slightly crispy bacon was a perfect addition, as its sweetness contrasted the beef patty perfectly

The BBQ Bacon burger, so called for its barbeque and bacon centerpiece, was another highlight of the menu. Things can very rarely go wrong with barbeque sauce and cheese, and this burger makes the most of it. The sauce and cheese, as well as the beef, mix well to create a perfect burger.

The Parthenon, while not being a burger in the normal sense, is still delicious. Named after the ruins in Greece, this Greek inspired Gyro and pita bread “burger” is amazing, as the combination of the lamb and greens made a perfect gyro-style burger. 8/10

Ian McCormick