Kavanaugh named Justice opinion


If you don’t take into account the sexual misconduct allegations of Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, he is irresponsible, unprofessional and lied under oath.

At the time of confirmation, he was supported by only 30 percent of America which is historically low for a nominee. Compared with Neil Gorsuch, who many feel was candidate the Republicans stole from Obama, who had nearly 65 percent approval and actually received many Democrat votes for confirmation. This is a bad precedent for a process that is supposed to reflect the will of the people.

Kavanaugh is a long time Republican Washington insider. He worked for Ken Starr in the impeachment investigation of Bill Clinton. Kavanaugh was a hard liner in that investigation. He wanted to ask very explicit questions to President Clinton and said Clinton had “lied to his aides,” “lied to the American people” and “disgraced the office” with a “sustained propaganda campaign that would make Nixon blush.” He was “strongly opposed to giving the president any ‘break’ in the questioning regarding the details of the Lewinsky relationship,” he wrote, unless Clinton “resigns” or “confesses perjury”. If these harsh questions are allowed to be asked, the questions during his hearing should not have been met with such resistance.

The Supreme Justice of The United States is supposed to be made of independent judges, not political party pursuers, which Kavanaugh is unabashedly.

Aside from the denial of sexual assault – just as troubling were the lies that Kavanaugh said under oath. His yearbook from high school is cluttered with sexual and alcohol innuendoes. Which, instead of chalking it up to naive and dumb youthful antics he lied about under oath.

The way he talked to and badgered Senators during his hearing was nothing short of unprecedented and unprofessional. That kind of behavior would never have been tolerated in his court and proved that he does not have the even temperament needed for a Supreme Court Justice.


Lela Boys-Sibley