Halloween Q & A


We asked teachers Carla Stanford and Adrienne Bell what their plans and thoughts about halloween were.

Q: What are you doing for halloween?

A: “My sister just had a baby so I am taking her kids trick or treating on Fountain Square. They are having an event where businesses give out candy to the kids called Scare in The Square,” Bell said.

A: “I close the door, turn off the lights and lock myself in the bedroom. I don’t even turn on the tv. I use my phone so the lights don’t flicker. I park my car in the back so it doesn’t look like I’m home. I crawl under the covers and watch netflix,” Stanford said.

Q: Are you dressing up?

A: “No. My niece is dressing up as a princess though,” Bell said.

Q: What is your favorite part of Halloween?

A: “Chocolate. I don’t like all types of candy so I always get really excited for the chocolate,” Bell said.

Q: What’s your favorite kind of chocolate?

A: “Snickers for sure. It is the best mix of everything,” Bell said.

Reis Fogarty, Ian Brady