Restaurant Review: Bazbeaux


Sitting on the canal in Broad Ripple, it is no wonder that this pizza parlour has been a hit restaurant for so many years.

Located on Westfield Blvd. in Broad Ripple, Bazbeaux has been a staple in this neighborhood for a long time, and it is not hard to see why.

Sitting outside on a lovely Friday afternoon, the service was less than satisfactory, as the server was rushing away, not allowing for time for consideration of what drinks or entrees to order.

Bazbeaux has been making quality pizza for years and is not planning on changing that anytime soon.

Case in point, the Chilope, a Mexican-cuisine themed pizza. With its black-bean dip base, queso, tomato, and mild sauce, the Chilope is the mascot for Tex Mex, or Americanized food.

While pizza is the flagship dish in the Bazbeaux repertoire, it is not all they serve. They also serve sandwiches and salads.

Served on a delicious bun, the tuna baguette is a savory addition to the Bazbeaux menu. The lettuce, onions, olives and tomatoes pair well with the tuna. The large pickle wedges compliment the sandwich magnificently. 9/10

Ian McCormick