Football teams best record since 2011


The football team has a winning record of 5-2. Last week they beat Lawrence Central.

The student section is fired up about this year’s football team. Varsity players are pushing to make a difference in games. More and more students are buying tickets to see the Panthers make a turn around this season.

In part the bettering of the team can be a result of some coaching staff changes.

“I think the turnaround has something to do with the new coaching that has been arranged for this year. It really does make a difference” senior Logan Urbaniak said.

The student section is encouraging players to put in as much work as they can to strive for the win. The hyped up crowd helps the team stay motivated and focused.

“The students that come support hype you up alot. It does make a difference in the games. The more encouragement we have, the better we can play,” senior Devontay Moore said.

Coach Kevin O’Shea seems to be having a big effect on the football team. Students are looking forward to see the impact of his coaching hopefully lead the team to more victory’s.

“I can’t really say much because it is my first year here, but I know coach O’Shea really is the one that has been making the players strong as a team,” junior Cairon Blackwell said.

Calvert Welker