Student section leaders motivate school spirit


The student section has been bringing in large crowds. With the teams success students have enjoyed visiting the games.

The student section is known statewide for its energy levels and sheer size. Leading the student section is no easy task, as the bleachers are filled with students eager to make their presence known.

Last years leader of the student section, Ball State student Joseph Thomas, loved his role in the student section.

“The best part of leading the student section was coming up with chants and knowing that they inspired the people playing in the game,” Thomas said.

Despite the joy in all of it, there were difficulties in leading the student section.

“The most difficult part of it all was getting people to listen to you, specifically the underclassmen who think it’s lame to have school spirit,” Thomas said.

Another previous leader of the student section, current Wabash student, Cooper Ochs is known for his energy and school spirit.

“You gotta make it fun, be goofy and wear funny outfits. Come up with chants that get people excited. Student sections were one of the coolest parts about high school just cheering on your friends and being able to show your school pride is always dope,” Ochs said.

A current leader of the student section, wrestler Skyler Blackwell, loves being an important part of this year’s student section. Though every game is exciting for him, there is one game in particular he is looking forward to.

“Pike for sure,” Blackwell said, “easily because they aren’t competition for us and they think they are.”

Connor Smith