Pep rally excites students


The pep rally will take place tenth period on Sept. 20. The fall sports teams get to stand on the field and get the students hype.

Pep rallies are a big factor in the high school experience. The atmosphere is filled with  school spirit from the victory chants to rooting for the school’s sport teams. The only downfall is the excruciating heat and the possible rainfall.

The pep rally brings attention to all the fall sports and school pride. The cheerleaders will be there to hype up the pep rally with their chants and tricks, while the other teams will do their chants. The football team has many players making their chant the loudest, allowing them to hype up the students for their homecoming game.  

Students are covered in school colors grey, white, red and black to express their spirit for their own class. Freshman wear grey, sophomores wear white, juniors wear red, and seniors wear black. All of the students should cheer their class cheers, and the goal is to try to be louder than all the other grades in a cheer battle.

The marching band is playing music during most of the pep rally to excite everyone. The Pantherettes will also perform to try and hype up everyone.

To showcase people who really showed their school spirit during spirit week, spirit kings and queens are announced for each grade. Those students then participate in different games and other students cheer on their grades.