Spirit week or spirit weak?


Today is senior citizen day for spirit week. Spirit week has always been a tradition for the week before homecoming.

Monday Sept. 17 is senior citizen day. America adores its sweet seniors, so we offer them discounts, housing systems, health care and more. Aging is inevitable, so being able to joke about it and not take any offense to kids putting on a few pounds, losing some hair and maybe no longer having that youthful glow is important in accepting our school spirit week. I personally think this is one of the more fun and unique days out of the week, and can’t wait to see what students put together.

Tuesday Sept. 18 is jersey/sports day. For some students this isn’t much of a spirit day at all, because they wear jerseys every other day. Although this is one of the least unique days out of the week, my prediction is that it will have one of the higher participation rates.

Wednesday Sept. 19 is vine/meme day. This is a perfect day for students to get creative and show their comedic sides. Vines and memes have taken over this generation’s humor, and they got brought up in many conversations. Some of the vines and memes I predict will definitely be used are the arthur meme and the “you almost made me drop my croissant” vine.

Thursday Sept. 20 is pajama day. This day is not creative but I have no doubt school will feel like we have a new dress code by the amount of people who are going to show up in their pajamas. If participation for spirit week is what the school wanted, this day is perfect. The only concern I have for this day is if you’re a sleep sweater, put another pair of pajamas on in the morning.

Friday Sept. 21 is class colors day. The idea of wearing your class color as a day for spirit week has been a tradition for many years. Freshmen wear gray, Sophomores wear white, Juniors wear red and Seniors wear black.