Little Giants: Deshon Hunter


The success of the football program has changed in a very positive way over the last two years. The major change being the coaching staff. It would have been hard to predict the increased success based on previous seasons’ records.

It is is important to consider the help from the younger players making a big impact. Sophomore Deshon Hunter is playing his second year on varsity and he is doing well.

“I did not think I would make varsity,” Hunter said. “I thought I would play JV because there are a lot of upperclassmen who play cornerback.”

When Hunter saw his name on the varsity list he was proud.

“I was shocked but I felt good because all of my hard work paid off.” Hunter said.

The fact he was chosen to play varsity has affected his attitude and the way he presents himself at school.

“I feel like I need to be more mature in school and at practice because the whole team is depending on me.” Hunter said.

When representing the school on a sports team there is always a big responsibility but even more so when you hold a varsity position.

“The team is off to a great start being 2-1 but we need to keep working hard,” Hunter said.

Hunter believes the teams attitude has approved from last years. He also think the teams work ethic has a substantial effect on their performance.

“Our team has a better overall attitude this year and our work ethic has improved as a team,” Hunter said.

Garrett Mahaffey