Future Panthers attend middle school night


Middle school night allows young students to experience a high school football game. The football team is looking for another win after dominating HSE on Aug. 24.

Aug. 31 is middle school night, allowing students from the Washington Township middle schools to see what our school is all about.

Students from Westlane, Northview and Eastwood come to watch the game and see how a high school game is played.

Middle school night gives these students a great night while also motivating them and setting up expectations for high school.

The athletics from the lower schools are extremely different from high schools sports and these students see and understand what they will be coming into. The crowd’s noise and overall energy is also increased by the added number of people.

To make these students not feel left out, middle schoolers have their own section in the stands where they can be with their friends and enjoy their time at the game.

Ian Brady