Tennis rivalry continues


Junior Carter Bailey participates in two sports.

Aug. 30 the men’s tennis team looks to defeat Carmel for the first time in three years. Carmel are back to back state championships and are competing to get the three peat. NC and Carmel’s tennis teams has become a huge rivals, drawing large crowds.

Carmel is ranked number one in the state and NC is ranked number two, and this has been consistent for eight years straight. The match will be held at NC at 4:45 p.m.


Here is the following NC line-up against Carmel:

One Singles- Ian Brady (11)

Two Singles- Brian McAuley (12)

Three Singles- Ajay Mahenthiran (10)

One Doubles- Mace Shoults (9), Nathan Branaman (12)

Two Doubles- Carter Bailey (11), Josh Gerstein (12)


Number one singles is the deciding position for this match. Brady will face tough competition against Presley Thieneman who are the best ranked singles players in the state. This will be a tough match for NC but a very fun one to watch. Make sure to come out and get hype and support your Thers’!