Water pipe decides to give students a half-day


The water pipe breaking caused problems with the schools water pressure. The administration decided to let the school out after homeroom.

This morning on Aug. 28, school was forced to be closed early for the day due to a complication with the water pipes.

A pipe burst this morning which caused many problems within the school.

“There was a water main break over by North View  on Westfield Boulevard which has caused our water pressure to decrease,” Assistant Principal Matthew Rund said.

This decrease in pressure has caused parts of the school to not have access to water. Without water, neither the staff nor students can carry on with the school day in a safe way.

“Because we have to have water for cooking and for everyone to be able to use the restroom, it was best just to close for the half day,” Rund said.

School was let out at 10:18 a.m. after homeroom before any of the lunch periods began. Northview was operating on a two hour delay schedule however with the high school closing, they will not have school today.