Back to school night attracts parents


Back to school night was on Monday Aug 20. Teachers interact with their students parents.

On Aug 20, parents of NC students came to back to school night to walk their children’s schedules and meet their teachers. Teachers get an idea of where students come from and parents get an idea of what their students will be expected to do in each class.

Parents stay in each classroom for ten minutes as the teachers explain the course material and its requirements.

English teacher Melony Pike was enthusiastic about her first back to school night.

“It is great to be able to see the parents and put a face with a name,” Pike said. “It really enhances the relationship with the student next time you see them because you have a better understanding of their lives.”

Art teacher Michael Frucci also see’s the benefits of back to school night.

“I think back to school night is very beneficial because it lets the parents understand how I teach and how I use the IB core values,” Frucci said. “It teaches me a little bit about the students, however, it is more informative for the parents.”

Spanish teacher Melissa Miller has always been a fan of back to school night.

“Back to school night taught me a lot about my students. Parents willingly tell me stories about their child which inform about their personalities and it gives me a better understanding of their work ethic,” Miller said.

English teacher Larissa Morris enjoys meeting her students parents and getting to inform them on the curriculum.

“It is very informative and helps me learn more about my students. I like being able to inform the parents about my curriculum and expectations,” Morris said.

Math teacher Leo Hodes enjoys learning more about parents and how they compare to his students.

“I like back to school night. It’s nice to put a face to the name and learn more about my students. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree,” Hodes said.

Ian Brady, Reis Fogarty