Food Review: Blind Owl Brewery


Fish and chips originated in the United Kingdom. Blind Owl Brewery is located on 5014 E 62nd St, Indianapolis, IN 46220.

With its brick exterior, brewing kettle on the roof, and packed parking lot, it is easy to guess that this is one of Indianapolis’ rising brewery stars.

The Blind Owl Brewery, on Binford Blvd. near 62nd St. was hopping Friday night, as it is many weekend nights due to its recent increase in popularity.

The whole affair started off well, as the service at the brewery was stellar. The waitresses were pleasant and helpful.

Overall, Blind Owl’s food was very good. Of the three meals reviewed, the fish and chips, pulled pork sandwich and greek salad, the reviews here are positive.

The fish and chips, an English classic, were well received. While the fish did fall apart easily, the batter was better than most other restaurants, in that there was not too much batter and it was crispy.

The tartar sauce that came with the dish was great, with a strong yet flavorful taste, although it was a bit chunkier than normal. The beer cheese sauce, given upon request, was amazing, as it went well with the chips.

Pulled pork is an American institution and Blind Owl holds up the reputation of the dish well. The pork was chewy, with just the right amount of barbecue sauce and spice, just enough to give it a good kick.

While the pork was tasty overall, one drawback was that bottom bun of the burger became soggy from all the pork, possibly forcing a diner to simply eat the pork with a fork instead of in a burger.

The greek salad, a common menu item throughout Indianapolis, is well-made at Blind Owl. While the main vinaigrette sauce is too tart for some, the tzatziki sauce was the highlight of the meal. The feta cheese mixed well with the lamb, which was tasty and chewy as any good lamb should be.

The Blind Owl Brewery’s food supported its rising popularity. 9.25/10

Ian McCormick