Students enjoy food, games at State Fair


The Indiana State Fair originated in 1852. This years State Fair ends this Sunday, make sure to check it out.

The Indiana State Fair is coming to an end. The fair is from Aug 3 through 19 and only comes around this time of year. There are some foods that you must try, unless you want to wait another year for these delicious, fried, greasy foods. Indiana State Fair food deals are few and far between. When you’re dumping a wad of cash on food at the fair, you want to feel like you got your money’s worth and had an unforgettably delicious experience. Here are the 10 best foods you should try.

  1. Cattleman’s Choice: A grilled Indiana ribeye on a bun piled high with smoked brisket.
  2. Peanut butter pineapple pork burger: A grilled pork patty topped with a smear of peanut butter and pineapple ring.
  3. Smothered Tater Tots: Tater tots covered with sauteed ground bison, jalapeno cheese sauce, green onions and homemade hot sauce.
  4. Corn dog split: A turkey corn dog is sliced down the middle, then covered with mac & cheese and topped with chili and jalapenos.
  5. Deep fried PB & J: Deep fried peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
  6. Root beer float shake: A bottle of root beer poured over vanilla ice cream and mixed together.
  7. Grilled bratwurst: As it sounds but it is the best encased meat you will ever have.
  8. Egg cream soda: Think of it as a cream soda made from scratch topped with whipped cream and a cherry. Available in pretty much any flavor you can imagine. But there are no eggs and cream, in spite of the name.
  9. Deep fried BBQ bacon: The bacon is deep fried, then dusted with dry barbeque rub and glazed with sauce.
  10. Buffalo chicken gyros: Greek style marinated grilled chicken topped with a sauce consisting of cream cheese, cheddar and buffalo sauce.

Here are some students favorite fair food.

Conner Lesnick (12)- Fried Oreos

Clay Toone (12)- Donut Burger

Ajay Mahenthiran (10)- Turkey Legs

Anjel Davis (12)- Turkey Legs

Sophia Pastore (12)- Corn dog

Sean Miller