Students attend senior concert


Students cheered on Sam Latty. Alumni group plays as band.

Many up and coming artist emerge from our school and senior Samuel “sts” Latty held a concert this past Saturday, Aug. 11, 2018. Latty was accompanied by the band “Everybody Jaywalks” full of North Central alumni. The event was held in Fountain Square venue, “Grove Haus” and tickets were sold out.

“Sam Latty was my favorite part of the concert. There was a lot of current North Central kids and kids that had graduated so that was cool,” senior Jonathan Smith said.

Latty and the band promoted the concert on social media and to students at school, but the attendees were from a variety of schools and ages.

“The atmosphere was very supportive, people from all different schools and grades went to support Sam and Everybody Jaywalks,” senior Charlotte Lickliter said.