Teachers move to new classrooms


The new school year prompted many changes, including new classrooms for teachers. Teachers are settling in and finding benefits to their new arrangements.

This school year has presented a lot of change with regard to teachers. One of which, is many teachers have migrated to different areas in the school to teach.

There are various reasons why many teachers have moved classrooms which include a better role, teaching a new subject or simply wanting a better classroom.

“This year I have a new assignment as far as my role here at North Central and with the new role came a new room,” English teacher Mary Beth Borkowski said, “My previous role was half time english teacher and half time staff development coordinator. This year, I am very excited to have a role change where I am in the classroom all day.”

Although she enjoys her new classroom and neighboring other english teachers, there are still aspects of her previous classroom she misses. Borkowski used to be the only english teacher among math teachers in her hallway.

“The old classroom was bigger and I actually really liked the perspective of being among math teachers because it helped me to get a bigger picture of the school,” Borkowski said.

Hwa Tsu, who teaches science, also changed classrooms due to the fact that he now teaches AP Biology, he only taught physics last year.

“It is different as now I have to take care of animals and it also has windows so overall, it is good,” Tsu said.

Last school year was Spanish teacher, Whitney Sumpter’s first year in a new classroom. Due to the fact she was at the school longer than other teachers, she chose to move classrooms.

“This classroom is larger, with more windows, so I chose to a bigger room,” Sumpter said, “The world language office is right across from me so I can get to that easier and A hallway is not as busy which is better.”

Ian Hansen and Howard Hendricks