Tiger’s on the Prowl


Most students at NC are not avid fans of professional golf or the game itself. Being a public school with a traditionally middle class student body means that students don’t tend to be familiar with a “country club” sport like golf. However, there is one person who has transcended the idea of golf and is known by most students. Tiger Woods.

Woods is a figure that is polarized by both his enormous amounts of success and his personal failures away from the sport. It was a once in a lifetime experience to see an athlete at the top of his or her game suddenly fall to lowest of depths due to issues in their personal life.

However, nine years after a cheating scandal, a slew of injuries and three spinal fusion surgeries, Tiger has returned to competitive golf in a big way. In his past nine months of returning to competition, Woods has shot up the World Golf Rankings from around 1,100 to 50. With a plethora of top ten finishes and a tied for sixth performance in one of golf’s majors, the British Open, the Woods comeback seems very real this time.

Students at NC who don’t even watch golf are noticing the revival of Tiger.  Junior Scott Hoeg, a lifelong soccer player is appreciating the comeback himself.

“It’s crazy to see a guy that old with so many problems playing at such a high level, I mean I don’t even understand the rules but you can see the competitive edge he has,” Hoeg said.

Tigers known for his competitive edge that puts him “in the zone” in competition.

“The coolest part of watching tiger is that he shuts everyone out most of the time, it’s like if Lebron played golf,” Hoeg said.