School dress codes interfere with learning


Dress code in highschool is one of the most debated topics among students. Many feel that it is too harsh and outdated, while others say its needed to keep order. Although most schools dress codes are the same, each one has their own rules that make their dress code different.
At North Central, work completed while a student is inappropriately dressed is unexcused and will count 75% maximum credit. Students are not allowed to wear coats or jackets around the school and must be kept in lockers. If a student receives three offences for dress code they receive a referral and go to the dean’s office.
Warren Central, Lawrence Central and Lawrence North all adhere to the same dress code. Yet at Warren Central students must wear their IDs and have it visible. Warren Central also allows their administration to ask a students to change their hairstyle if it is disruptive to the learning environment.
Center Grove allows no rips or tears in pants above finger-tip length. When a student receives three offences from a teacher they must go to one day of in-school suspension. If they do not fix their attire they will put into the suspension room until new clothes are provided.
Carmel is the only school in the conference that allows students to wear legging within the school day.