AP and ACP: What’s the difference?


At NC, students have a plethora of course options ranging from CP, common placement, to AP, advanced placement, or “X” accelerated classes. However, most people fail to recognize the option for an ACP, advanced college placement, course.

ACP courses at North Central function similarly to AP classes in the aspect that in both options, students have the opportunity to get ahead and earn college credits while still in high school. With an AP course, students learn in an environment similar to an “X” class and at the end of the year, are given a test made by the college board to try and earn their college credit. Meaning, theoretically a student with a C in an AP course can still get full college credit in passing the AP Test. A score of three is passing on these cumulative test and schools have the option to give a student credit based on the score he or she received on the test.

ACP courses are ran differently than their AP counterparts yet still have the end goal of earning a student college credit. ACP courses are ran through specific universities to earn credit from only that college. For instance, most ACP courses at North Central are ran through Indiana University. IU sends NC the course curriculum and and students here are forced to perform well during the school year to earn their grade at IU. Plainly put, the grade you earn at NC in an ACP class will be the grade you recieve at IU for that class.

While this grading system places more pressure on a student to succeed, in the long run ACP classes offer students the ability to become better acquainted with the rigor and discipline required for college level courses.