Player spotlight- Jon Evans


The physical aspect and life lessons that rugby presents, has instilled a passion into junior, Jon Evans.
Evans has been playing rugby for two years because he always loved physical contact along with meeting new people.
“I wanted to play rugby to hit people and meet a whole new group of people in my life,” Evans said.
Evans gives a ton of credit to his coach for instilling morals in life through rugby as well as developing his skills.
“Coach Kelty instills good morals for us to follow both in life and in the game,” Evans said. “I also get a lot of life lessons out of being around the guys that I play with.”
His first two years have given him a lot of time to improve his skill and Evans has learned a lot about rugby in that period.
“Most technical rules regarding scrums and penalties, which influence the level of play and being alert to reach my maximum potential,” Evans said.
With two seasons left in rugby, there is still a ton Evans wants and needs to improve upon and he is going to work extremely hard to reach his peak talent. Not only does he want to improve his own game, but the team.
“Individually, I would like to get better at my skills of rugby like passing well and building my strength,” Evans said. “For the team, I want to go undefeated and win state which we all know takes a lot of work and cooperation.”
With sports come adversity and Evans has dealt with his fair share with the toll rugby takes on the body.
“I have had a lot of shoulder and leg soreness due to weak muscles and I have spent countless hours developing stronger muscles and joints along with more intensified practices,” Evans said. “It has taught me to bet the best physical version of myself to help my team win.”
Evans will strive to reach greatness in rugby through continuous hard work and effort.