Middle schoolers tour NC


Over the past week, eighth graders from all three township middle schools, Westlane, Northview, and Eastwood, have visited the school for their annual tours. Westlane was first on Tuesday (April 3), followed by Northview on Friday (April 6) and Eastwood on Monday (April 9). They were led by selected sophomores, juniors, and seniors around the school during periods three and four.

The prospective students finished their tours in the performing arts classroom where they were shown a video and given information on Panther Quest, which will be available to them this summer.

After finishing their tours, the middle school students had received a lot of new information and valuable perspective from current North Central students. Many were surprised and maybe even frightened by the size of the school and number of students.

“I learned that all of the hallways are connected to each other and labeled,” Heaven from Eastwood said. “There are a whole bunch of people and I am not used to being around this many people.”

Many of the students also talked about how they learned that there is no “I Hall”, which is a common cause of confusion for new students. Heaven was not alone in being concerned about the adjustment in size between her middle school and the high school.

“Just the size of the school and how long D Hall is,” Libby from Eastwood said about what scared her on her tour.
However many students and teachers gave positive feedback about their tours and the knowledge provided by the guides.