Counterpoints and Descants state finals recap


On Saturday, March 17, The Counterpoints and Descants performed in the 2018 Show Choir State Finals. The Counterpoints placed first for mixed choirs and Descants placed fifth for all girls show choir.

After the upset last year, Franklin Central winning and Counterpoints state runner up, the group this year were discouraged and nervous for the performance. This year Franklin Central did not perform however they still had a lot of competition from other schools such as Noblesville and Castle.

“This year, there was a lot more pressure on us at state to win because we lost to two group Counterpoints has never lost to in the past at the first two competitions so it made it even more satisfying to sweep the entire competition,” senior dance captain Davon Graham said.

Senior Counterpoint Carly Gundaker explained her feelings after receiving the news of them winning,

“I felt on top on the world! Seeing the reactions of everyone in CP and everyone who came out to support us made that moment even better. It made me so proud and happy to see the whole group be so excited!” senior co-president Carly Gundaker said.

Last year, the Descants placed first in the showchoir state competition. This year they were hoping to do the same but fell short of the victory. Although the Descants were heart broken by the results, they continued to be hopeful for what is to come.

“Every single one of them started thinking about what they did wrong and blamed themselves. We honestly don’t know how we ended in fifth and everyone is so confused.” senior co-president Natalie Anderson

“When I first heard the results I was very shocked and sad. I know that we did much better than a 5th place . I just wanted to win for all my descant sisters bc they’ve been through a lot and they deserved it.” junior dance captain Jazmen Marion said.

Over the past few months there has been a lot of hard work put into rehearsals in order to get to state and win.

“We work so hard in rehearsal. We spend three hours a day, plus the 50 minute class time, cleaning the dances over and over again. We also spend a lot of time perfecting the vocals, and learning how to dance and sing at the same time. It can be incredibly tedious, but it’s obviously all worth it in the end,” Gundaker said.

The results of the Descants which was announced before the mixed choirs performed, motivated but also made the Counterpoints nervous for their performance later that night.

“In all honesty, I was in shock. I know in my heart that we won and I was completely shocked when they announced us for fifth. But truly the hardest part about not winning was seeing how every single one of the girls started doubting themselves.” Anderson said.

“At first, we were nervous because we though “If the judges didn’t like Descants, what are they gonna think of us?!” But we decided to put our all on the stage and not worry about the judges. We love our show and it’s so fun to perform so if we put on our best show, the judges will love us and we wouldn’t want to change anything about it,” Graham said.

This weekend both choirs will travel to Nashville, Tennessee to compete in Show Choir Nationals. Descants performing on Friday and Counterpoints compete on Saturday. This week the Counterpoints and Descants will continue to improve their set in hopes of doing their best at Nationals.

“There are plenty of things to work on for nationals but just making it feel like a more coherent show and cleaning up some vocals and choreography will yield the best results this weekend,” Graham said.

“Winning would be great, but all I want to do is feel great and proud of the girls again, which I know I will.” Anderson said.