Gun Control: Look at the bigger picture


As many know, the school shooting in Parkland, Florida has sparked major controversy over gun ownership within the United States. The Republican party has vouched to keep gun laws the way they are; blaming mental illness as the cause of multiple school shootings inside our country’s borders. However, Democrats have responded with calls for stricter gun laws.

The thing that is hard to understand is why any gun owner feels the need to own a semi-automatic weapon such as an AR-15, which has been the choice weapon in a majority of the most recent mass shootings. Shouldn’t a simple handgun or hunting rifle be more than enough to satisfy a gun owner’s 2nd amendment needs?

Conservatives continue to utilize the claim, “Guns don’t kill people, people kill people”, however guns have always been the prefered method. Sure somebody could say that these crazy people will find another way, but why not at least take the measures in ordered to make the process more difficult? At least consider gun control to see if these occurrences could be limited, let alone eliminated altogether.

The claim that mental illness is the cause of these killings is definitely valid, but it is impossible to control the way a person’s mind works. So why not take action upon something that can be controlled, such as access to high powered weapons.
Of course at this point in the article, any gun owner will be angered by the claims I am making.

Probably saying that mass murderers have utilized other objects to harm people in the past, so why shouldn’t we outlaw them as well? Look at the numbers, a very high percentage of mass killings have been conducted with guns.

The whole point of the 2nd amendment was to enable citizens to form a militia if a governing system because tyrannical, however the probability of this actually occuring is minimal. The least any citizen could do in order to save lives is to allow limitations on citizen’s access to military grade weapons.

Government officials need to realize that this issue is about the safety of American lives, not about how much funding they will receive from the NRA, or how they will be viewed in the eyes of their fellow party representatives. Some change needs to be made, or else these events will continue to happen.