Hot or Not


Spring Break is coming up and with this long, cold, January weather, many are hoping to go somewhere warm and tropical for their break. Many students travel to Florida, or somewhere South. Spring break is always a big talking piece during the third quarter.

As Spring/Summer Sports start up, many students begin training for their season no matter what the sport. North Central High School offers many sports to play in the second semester of the year, including baseball, softball, boys and girls rugby, track and field, boys and girls lacrosse. If you are looking to play a sport this spring, be a proud Panther and join a North Central sports team.

With Senior Assassin started up, seniors around North Central are on high alert and are watching their backs everywhere they go. Senior Assassin is a game where North Central seniors pay to participate in a water gun game where you have a target, and a hunter as well. You have a certain time to shoot your target, but there are restrictions on where and when you can get them. Going into school, inside of school, and after 3:25PM. After, it is fair game unless they’re going in to work. With a lot of talk around the senior class, it is your responsibility to track down your target and get them but if you want to win, you yourself cannot get shot.

Along with last weeks Junior Prom update, North Central’s Junior Class Council posted on their social media about “promposals” and they will rate the best promposals around NC if the students upload a picture of their promposal and hashtag it #ncpromposal. Junior Class Council also confirmed the JW Marriott as the location for this years’ prom.