Breakfast Brawl: Fighting breaks out before school


Earlier today more than 12 people were involved in a physical altercation that took place in the cafeteria.

The confrontation was serious enough to cause Principal Evans Branigan III to make an announcement at the end of first period. Branigan expressed his displeasure with the event, and how he holds the students to higher expectations.

While students were eating their breakfast, a fight broke out. Students panicked as the group fighting grew larger and larger as more people joined in.

Briefly after the fight began, many officers and teachers were involved in breaking up the fight. Athletic Director Paul Loggan was at the center of the action as he tried to stop the students from causing more of a scene.

Their efforts were short lived because students quickly ran away at the sight of the adults.

However, contrary to most people’s beliefs the fight wasn’t as brutal as it seemed.

“I’ve seen worse, students weren’t crowded around it so it made it easy for administrators and officers to get to the student and break it up,” social studies teacher Dan Brunette said.

More information to follow.