Junior Spectacular Preview: Slippery


Slippery, an act written by juniors Wilder Cart, Brian McAuley, and Zeke Skulski, will be showcased in the Junior Spectacular on Friday 26 and Saturday 27.

The act is set thirty years in the future with Trump still in the position of president. Trump comes to North Central because there have been students resisting him there. While he is at North Central, Kim Long Dawn launches an A-Bomb at Trump’s exact location, so the students of NC have to find a way to get safely into the bomb shelter.

“Our first idea for our spec was we were gonna have a code red lockdown because Mr. Rhymers slipped and fell on the ice, and then we didn’t change the name because we liked it too much,” McAuley said.

What makes this experience unique is the fact that it is completely student-run. This is also usually the factor that makes the process challenging. But this year, the Slippery writers have complained more about issues with the head director of Junior Spectacular rather than issues with managing their own cast.

“Furiak has made it hard because everything was so short notice and tentative and he gave us schedules a week before critique rehearsals. He also made edits on the scripts a week before the actual performances. Although, trying to control the cast when you have a group of forty friends working together doesn’t make things any easier,” Cart said.

McAuley agrees with his co-writer concerning the main source of difficulty throughout the writing process.

“I think our cast works really hard but it’s been hard because of how its been run by the spec director, Mr. Furiak,” McAuley said.

Despite the difficulties that arise throughout the process writing of an act, it wasn’t a challenge for the writers to remember the good times and memories that came out out of this experience.

“My favorite memory from the past few months is probably our first rehearsal with the whole cast because everyone was so excited,” Slippery writer Zeke Skulski said.

“The part of spec I will remember most looking back on it years from now will probably be the first time Harry got into the character of Kim Jong Un and did his accent,” Cart said.